“I’ve been so excited and pleased with the many ways that Partnership for the Future has helped my daughter as a student and a person. That’s why I’ve volunteered for the program every chance I’ve gotten, and I’ve worked to get others to volunteer, too. I’ve also tried to spread the word about PFF so that as many families as possible know about the great work that they do.”

Cynthia Powell, PFF parent

Families play an integral role in the journey of the students in our program. Parents and other family members encourage students and provide the support they need to complete each step of the PFF process and to thrive in their pursuit of academic and career success. Support at home can make all the difference. In addition, parents are some of our most enthusiastic volunteers, helping us to operate key events and activities that support their children’s growth.

We encourage parents to stay connected and supportive of their children’s experience with us and to participate in the program in ways that are the best fit for them.